Jun 14, 2011

people are nice to pregnant ladies.

i got a free rice bowl at tokyo joe's today. that's what happens when you show up without a wallet, looking tired, sweaty, pale, and pregnant. i am grateful to people who take pity on people having a bad day.
and i really need to learn to carry snacks around with me. i'm starting to be hungry a lot more often, which happens to be coinciding with my expanding belly. how curious.
as sick as i've been during this pregnancy, i feel incredibly lucky every day to be carrying life in my belly. it's such a miracle, and brings entirely new perspective to my relationship with my mother. she had 6 kids and was sick every day for the first 3 months with every. single. child. i have no idea how she did it, but i'm grateful she did. i love having so many brothers and sisters. it's especially cool that we are all still so close as we are having our own children, the cousins are all great friends. it makes me so happy.

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