Jun 3, 2011


i've been eating strawberries all week like they're going out of style. i made 8 things of jam, 1 strawberry cake, 1 strawberry shortcake, and have eaten an undefined amount of strawberries off the stem. i'm a pretty happy girl.

we bought a FLAT of strawberries, which is like 16 pints, last weekend at the Delaplane strawberry festival. our house has had the fragrant smell of strawberries for the past week and it's been pure heaven. SIXTEEN PINTS of strawberries is a lot.

last night i made these biscuits, sliced some strawberries, and piled vanilla ice cream and whipped cream high on top. oh gosh, i don't think i've ever enjoyed food so much. (have i told you how thankful i am to be able to eat pretty much anything i want again? those 8 weeks of nausea were miserable.)

i love eating in the summer. next up: peach season!!

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hanner said...

those strawberries were So Good. and i can't wait for peaches either! eek!

Lindsay said...

freakin' yum.

Laura K said...

Gnomie cooks! Gnomie cooks!