Jun 21, 2011

eating vietnamese in eden.

i'm embarrassed to admit that i have lived all my life in the DC area and have never eaten a meal at the Eden Center in falls church. it's the asian restaurant mecca for the area, and rumored to have the best vietnamese food in the mid-atlantic. i've been there over the years for the occasional bubble tea or bahn mi, but never a sit down meal (i was a little scared).but! last night i conquered my fears and had the most delicious vietnamese food of my adult life. my sweet friend mei li and i had dinner at Viet Huang. we shared a fresh spicy lotus flower salad, drunken noodle tofu, and carmelized fish. after dinner we went next door to Song Que for yogurt bubble tea. i loved the tart yogurt and sucking up those tapioca balls.

i can't wait to go again with friends! anyone up for an adventurous dinner?


Peppermint Patty said...

I love that place! They have good bubble tea there too! :) If you are feeling adventurous, try their taro bubble tea! Delish!

Jen Evans said...

Of your adult life? I wonder if you had good Vietnamese food when you were a child. I'm going to say no.

nomadic gnome said...

that is absolutely true, jenny. :)

communikate. said...

I've been dying to try vietnamese food. We've got loads of restaurants here in Portland, but I seem to skip them.

I guess it's time!

amanda jane said...

mmmmmust try it. looks so good.

ps. i'm so bummed about last night. I even had my crafting bag all packed and ready. :( hope you took photos so I can see all the fun I missed.