Jun 24, 2011

happy weekend.

i just got home from my glamorous trip to baltimore (ok not even baltimore, i stayed in the hotel district at Baltimore-Washington airport), and i'm ready to relax this weekend. this is the second weekend in a row TH has been gone, so i have lots of plans to stay busy and happy.

shopping in georgetown
babysitting some cute little kids and starting to knit some baby stuff
making a cake for this girls birthday
and visiting with family

enjoy your weekend! i'm off to ride my bike to the DMV to turn in our license plates. goodbye forever, MINI cooper. sniff sniff.

picture from our trip to turks and caicos in may.


emily said...

sounds like the perfect weekend. do you really have to turn in your dc license plates?

nomadic gnome said...

Unless you're buying another car I think. If you cancel your insurance and you keep the plates, DC will fine you. Or embarrass you in front of your friends or something horrible.
It was really easy though, they take the plates at the info desk so you don't have to wait around all day.

hanner said...

oooh we're babysitting too! i'm totally into it lately. haha. it sounds much more exciting than actually making PLANS, heaven forbid.