Jun 29, 2011

yay friends.

for good times...for bad times...knowing you can always count on me. fu shure.

so that little bug episode monday night freaked me out much more than it should have. i was on edge all day yesterday thinking about coming home to a wild kingdom. so i went shopping after work instead of going home (and found 2 babybump friendly dresses!), then i got a call from some friends who were in my neighborhood. i hopped on the metro and met up with them and they visited with me for a WHOLE HOUR. maybe they'll never know (or maybe they are reading this now), but they totally saved me last night. sometimes you just need extra people in the house to realize everything is ok.

and bonus, the friends were in my neighborhood because they're looking for a new apartment! keeping all my fingers crossed that it works out. i love it when friends move close by.


hanner said...

i am such a bad friend for not coming to check on you :(

You had me at ROAR said...

that's what friends ARE for.