Oct 22, 2009

and i was out.

last night was tough.

TH and i met up to have a study date. i need to study for my job, to get smarter on all these topics, and TH needs to do some studying for his, too. well, we went to buzz cafe, open till midnight, awesome cupcakes, wi-fi and good study space...and it was totally packed! so we stood there for like 5 minutes, pouting, then went back to his studio apartment.

we got thai food, watched seinfeld, then started studying. and by studying i mean he started working and i laid down and went to sleep. so much for getting smart.

and also, i miss thai smile - the old thai place that used to be on 23rd street, which has now been replaced by a less desirable restaurant. now we go to urban thai which is fine, but you have to admit its much more fun to get take out from Thai SMILE!

i'm going to go home tonight, change into comfy clothes, make a pb&j (thanks naomi for the idea!), and watch my stories (the office, 30 rock, and project runway). sounds heavenly.

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