Oct 7, 2009

winter coat.

i'm so bored of the pea coat.

i saw this girl in iceland with a mid-thigh length black jacket with a hood. i guess you could call it a cape, but it was so stylish. i looked all over iceland for it, but no luck. it was so flowy and beautiful, but not like, you know, robin hood or lord of the rings.

man, i want that.

isn't life tough sometimes? haha. this is what mark calls a "bouge problem" like bourgeoisie.


hanner said...

now that you've mentioned robin hood/lotr that's pretty much all i can envision.

nomadic gnome said...

ahhh i know. i ruined it.

besides its a well known fact that only a certain type of girl can pull off a cape, and sadly i think i'm not a part of that group.

Laura K said...