Oct 21, 2009


it was 10pm. dark and chilly. glowing lamps lit small cozy homes as i walked by. and this song brought me to tears - its rumored that mahler wrote it for his wife as a love letter. writing this symphony filled their first summer together as husband and wife, and his wife Alma was a continued inspiration for his music.

and well, walking home last night from the metro, i began to cry because this song really does feel like the person you love is making his declaration. i have been practicing the adagietto - a piano arrangement. its not nearly as beautiful as the symphony, but it fills some gaps.

basically, i am putty in mahler's hands.


Jill said...

I was at the ballet over the summer and the same thing happened to me. It was so pretty that I couldn't stop crying and I felt like such a dork!

hanner said...

i also luv that song. the song that gives me chills is barber's adagio for strings, but in a different way because it's more of a requiem. but the build up at the end = amazing.

i love classical music because my dad loves it, who loves it because they are memories of his dad. when i'm sad and talk to my dad he usually tells me what he's listening to and then a story about his dad. and that makes me cry a little.

inaira said...

I love Mahler!!! i also almost cried the last time i played some... oops. Hope we can hang out soon :)