Oct 12, 2009

still the weekend.

3 day weekend! so much to do, and that extra day kind of gets us there.

friday we left work a couple hours early to meet on the mall and check out the peacock room and the solar decathalon. we movied, hung out in the portrait gallery, and tried out meat and veggie burgers at good stuff.saturday we bageled at brooklyn bagels in clarendon (a fav spot), then met with some new friends, hannah and rob. we started reading each others blog awhile back, then they just recently moved to dc from paris (!), so we decided it was high time we were real life friends. and i don't want to jinx anything, but i'm pretty sure we hit it off. we talked loudly in the corcoran for like an hour and hannah wasn't even that upset when i started touching all the art, which i can only assume means we are friends. we walked through dc for a while, then supped for 3 hours at tonic in mt. pleasant. TH and rob found out they work right across the street from each other and share a common love. (well, besides significant others who enjoy meeting blog friends)
sunday was dinner with family and baby lijah and laura are in town!

today? more solar decatholon (even though the weather is trying to thwart us...)


hanner said...

this could be the start of something beautiful, but i don't want to jinx it either. by the way, how did your picture turn out so much better than mine? except that in both pictures i still look like taylor hanson, which isn't really making me feel better. by the way again, why didn't rob get work off today? bah!

danje said...

is that mark?! hi julia, i come to you via hannah's blob. we met a million years ago at lights at dc temple. i get updates about you two form mark's mom occasionally at the temple. i sound very stalkerish now, but i think you're a cool dude and your plaid fest with the hamills confirms it. i hope we can all meet again sometime. we'll come in houndstooth so you can spot us.

Mattwo said...

wha!? danni? cool. yeah, we heard an update on you this past saturday -- about refusing dinner with dick cheney, and the upcoming smaller version of you and jess (congrats! by the way). and just to set the record straight, you and gnomie actually met at steph's wedding. we're doing a thing friday night, watching 'wings of desire.' let me know if you'd like to join. oh, and this blog isn't mine. i just appear with some frequency.