Oct 4, 2009

harvest season.

last weekend: a scenic drive with dear cristy and annie to an orchard/farm in potomac, md.purchased: 10 pounds of apples, 3 squash, 2 corn, 1 apple cider, and a bag of yellow and green beans.

yielded: 3 lunches of butternut squash/cauliflower/chickpea salad, 3 dinners (accompanied by various fish), and one delicious apple pie.

remainder: 4 pounds of apples. what do you do with all those apples?!

well, you invite more friends over to have apple desserts.
on the list: apple tart, apple cake, apple fritters, and applesauce!

moral of story: a good way to burn yourself out on fall flavors is to be overzealous at the orchard.

well, does it look like we could help ourselves??


Toothfairynotes said...

this looks cool!
Love fresh corn!


annie gray said...

i made it onto the blog! and i am more than happy to share my debut with the crater-faced pumpkins. swell of a guy that pumpkin.