Oct 15, 2009

cranberries. no...cranberries. alright both.

i'm talking gild the lily, folks.

as if cookies and dessert breads were not enough, i'm feeling the need for a little more...oh how the french say, "i don't know what".

i will be making these and this. i think i'll start with this, and i can always freeze these. just keep me away from the orange zester because last time i zested my thumb and forefinger. disgusting.

and yes, this was all inspired by this.

ug, autumn, what are you DOING to me? besides destroying my waistline, that is.


hanner said...

you guys need to come over and cook with us. marriage has destroyed my waistline, since rob is such a good cook. aahhhh!!

A "cheery" disposition said...

Wow, that is a lot of cooking! Yay you need to come to my house and cook too!

Eric said...

You and Boyfriend Julie need to come to Gluttonfest this year. None of the crap about having an East Coast Version. You need to be here to help us enjoy eating the traditional Gluttonfest fixings and the new additions this year of Pig Derrek in several butchered forms, and Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Get some tickets and we will arrange around you.