Oct 2, 2009

feeling fancy.

i need a sparkly dress and a top hat to match the mood i'm in.

october, is the second most romantic month out of the year (november 1st, duh), and it makes me all silly. i know TH just LOVES my whims.

let's eat french food!
let's drive to the river and take pictures of us in animal masks!
come pick me up and we'll ride with the windows down through the night air!
let's buy tickets to paris and leave tonight!

of course how often do these things happen? hardly ever. but sometimes they just need to exist in my mind for a few moments. i'm a romantic at heart. i should've known when growing up, all i ever wanted to play on the piano was liszt, chopin, beethoven.

have a beautiful weekend, lovelies.


hanner said...

sigh. i haven't really missed being in paris till i saw that picture.

Ms. White said...

these photos are beautiful, just like you! I miss your face around the city!