Oct 14, 2009


my big haircut is right around the corner and i have no idea what to do with my hair!

i always do this. i schedule an appointment weeks in advance with plans to find "the perfect haircut" then i go in with nothing and say "ummm, what do YOU think?" i need an image consultant, i think.

in other news, i practiced scales for 30 minutes last night on the piano, and then determined that i still am a romantic. bach is hard to play and i make it sound choppy, and debussy is beautiful and flowing. how do i fight that kind of logic? welll, folks, i don't.

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Jathan and Heather said...

Don't tell me you're going to let Lars have the longest hair award ;) It'll look good no matter what you do. siempre. Whore! Love ya! Heathbar