Oct 22, 2009

how to avoid work OR my new hobby

here's my next big idea: reupholstering chairs.

i found a couple cheap chairs (with great frames) on craigslist and i think i'm going to try my best to reupholster what are currently very dingy chairs. has anyone ever done this? any advice? does anyone want to help or bring a chair and do your own?

i've been researching and it seems like you need a lot of tools. and sometimes the fabric can be expensive. ohhh...what am i getting myself into?


Jenny said...

I would totally be into this. Please pick me.

tipi tai said...

aaaaahhh i have been having the same problem. we need a living room chair SO bad and so you should let me know how this adventure goes because most chairs that have good fabric are ugly designed.

tipi tai said...

ha! this is hannah. not rob. sawry.