Oct 16, 2009

when history looks oh so bad.

sometimes i cringe at the boys i've dated in my previous life. You know, Julie B.TH. (before TH).

facebook always brings their pictures to my attention and it ruffles my feathers sometimes. maybe i should look at facebook less and look more at things that matter, like the growing pile of work in front of me.

but seriously, most people reading my blog probably know of at least one person who i should never have dated. *sigh. such is the life of a 27 year old girl. why didn't you guys tell me what i couldn't see for myself? glad that is history and now my boy TH surprises me with tulips on a wednesday night. and doesn't mind watching project runway with me. and has some really, really good jokes. and just makes me feel good about life in general (i always think of that depeche mode song when i hear "life in general". then i think of report rhyming with report and it sends me into a fit of giggles.)

(best hairstyle ever)


hanner said...

ahhhh. i love love. srsly.

a guy i used to be in love with moved out here and we hung out with him. and his wife and child. it's a good story, i'll tell you somewhere not so internetty.

hanner said...

ok, i just happened upon this recent picture of butch, my boyfriend when i was 17. yes, butch. he is the one with the full beard.


love is blind, my friend.

Cara said...

Just so you know - I was one of those friends who told you not to date multiple boys!!! But you wouldn't listen to me back then :)