Oct 9, 2009

the district: national arboretum and the mall

it was cristy's birthday this week!to celebrate, she was gracious enough to invite me on her birthday day of exploration.

we went to the national arboretum.

we ran into nature, including a praying mantis the size of my head.

cristy prayed to the birthday gods and they smiled upon her.

this slug also impressed us with its size and mobility.

cristy near the castle.
ahhh dc is wonderful! i keep saying that new york ruined me and i can never love any other cities, but the more time i spend in dc, the more i love it. the arboretum was so beautiful. we went to the top of the washington monument and saw for miles around. we visited the peacock room which is one of my new favorite spots in dc. we walked through the solar decathlon that is on the mall for the next few weeks (with incredible scandinavian-esque designs and solar panels everywhere!!)

point is - i really like this city. in the same way it takes time to get to know a person, it takes time to get to know a city. but i feel like this is more than a crush and it may be something more akin to endless love once its fully developed.



hanner said...

i felt that way after i left dc. i was like, "how did i miss out on SO many things?" although i felt like i was busy doing something all the time. but mostly missing robbie.

also, i have never been to nyc. what a silly west coaster i am.

JD said...

c'mon, gnomie. was the bug really as big as your head?

Jen Evans said...

You have a small skinny head.

You know what I love? LAURA AND BABY LIJAH!!! Except now that he's walking maybe we should call him Toddler Lijah.