Oct 13, 2009

movie theaters.

growing up, i was never much of a trouble maker. i was kicked out class occasionally for talking too much, and once given a referral for flirting (this honestly did happen! how embarrassing!), and i think i said the A word for the first time in 11th grade.

when i moved out and went through my college years, things pretty much stayed the same. i was a good kid and didn't get into too much trouble. however, i did develop one habit that was less how shall we say, "moral" than my other habits. i was a movie sneak.

i snuck into more movie theaters than i care to mention, from dc to missouri to utah to alaska, etc. from sea to shining sea, really. sometimes i would just walk in and not pay. other times i would pay for one movie and catch a double feature and on the rare occasion - a triple feature. i didn't have much money at this point in my life, but i still thought i deserved entertainment just as much as the next guy. i did a lot of temp work, which meant sometimes 5 days a week of working, or sometimes only 1 or 2. it was boring. i was poor. i snuck into movies.

one time i pulled the "can i use your bathroom" trick, then sneaked off to a theatre. on the way, i saw the guy who let me in to use the bathroom. my heart sunk to my chest and i got the insta-sweats. i was sure i was busted! but the guy just looked right past me. lucky break.

yes, i have a shady past when it comes to movie watching. and you know what? i don't even feel that bad about it.


Sokphal said...

Ooooh...I like confession posts! Mine for the day is: I forgot to put on deodorant today. Shhh...Luckily I'm still smellin like petunias! I do the movie sneakin' thing too. Every other year or so. I did a double header two months ago...and I don't even feel bad. Only felt a tad bit guilty when my friend from Cambodia who was with me said "wow! You pay for one ticket and you get to see two movies?" Nope! We're just being bad-asses today!

hanner said...

this is a great confession. i won't even be mad about it, even though i studied film in college.

JD said...

dude. gnomie. who knew? I'll never turn my back on you again when in your presence -- who knows what could happen.

Jill said...

My good kid problem was ditching class. This worked well until I locked my keys in my car and they were still in the ignition, with the car running. I couldn't call my mom to bring the spare because I was supposed to be in school.