Oct 2, 2009

clothes. this is my materialistic post.

a discussion on the evolution of shopping.

here's the thing. the other night, sitting in the hall, staring in the mirror and debating which hairstyle would flatter us the most, cristy and i were paging through vogue and elle. many many adorable clothes and many gorgeous women. we started on a conversation about how many of the clothes we love cost $2000 per article. and how the clothes we used to rely on are growing more dull everytime we step into a shop.

banana republic: have your clothes changed since 2002? i'm so bored of seeing the same lined ill-fitting office pants. and the same overpriced trench coat. just reinvent yourself already.
jcrew: a tshirt for $60? why because it has some sequins on it in the shape of a bow?
anthropologie: yes, of course i love everything you sell, but why must it cost so?

my question is this. is there some secret store that i don't know about selling beautiful sweaters and boots and fall-wear for a reasonable price? and these sweaters would last for years and be timeless and i could keep shopping at H&M and UO for of-the-moment fashion?

it's just so depressing, what with my new budget and all. its turning cold and i'm finding i have nothing to wear.


Eric said...

I don't want to sound queer or nothin, but JC Penney really kicks ass!

Jen Evans said...


I was cleaning Lizzie's room and realized she has more clothes than anyone in the house, and every single one looks good on her. Blasted toddlers! And she has more shoes than us too.

hanner said...

ughhhh i am so frustrated with my clothes. i threw a ton away after we got back from europe because i was SO sick of them after wearing them for 3 months. i want to have more variety in my wardrobe but i think that i am doomed to a life in my favorite jeans and t-shirts.

Grace said...

Try thrift stores! Almost a guarantee to be unique and very affordable.