Oct 26, 2009


it's been a long time coming, but this month i really have to make an important decision. i can keep putting it off, but almost every day i think about it, and try to plan out a way to make it happen.

well, it's time to go one way or the other. and november is the month to decide.

do i get an iphone or save money for winter clothes? would i use it enough to make it worth it? will it really change my life? if i have an iphone, will i not care about how freezing and ugly i am because i couldn't afford new clothes since i spent it all on technology?

decisions are the worst.


hanner said...

rob just got an iphone in the mail today. it's paid for by his work and i am secretly jealous of it but really know that i have no use for one.

Lindsay said...

You won't regret it for a second. Go for it!

Steve said...

Clothes, all the way! No guy will care about your phone, but will how you dress! Besides, then it is just one more thing to charge, lose, worry about getting stolen or sat on on the Metro! :)