Oct 5, 2009

youngest sister has some exciting news...again!

laura always keeps me guessing. i always thought i was the wild card of the family, but now i realize i'm just rather boring.
sit in my office day after day and
pay my student loans and
make excel charts to track my budgets and
go to bed at a reasonable hour and
get to work early and
stay in a stable relationship with a good boyfriend and
watch the same shows everyone watches...


point is, she is way cooler than me. (so is the rest of my family for that matter.)

at 19: pregant, married
at 20: has cute elijah baby, husband baptized
at 21: pregnant with #2 and talks of a big move

WHAT? who IS this girl? the great part is she is totally cool about it all and not all control freak like i'm afraid i would be. cool as a cucumber, that laura.

plus i just found out this morning via her blog. i was shocked and SO SO happy! i love my sisters!


DeeAura said...

Uhm, your life sounds exactly like my life. My little sister has two, and is WAY cooler than I will ever be. Okay, your life is just like mine EXCEPT for the whole boyfriend thing. No, I mean it. Clear down to the excel charts to track my budgets.

* sigh *

annie gray said...

congrats auntie julie! i, like you, have only been impregnated with student loans. oh my achin' back!